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"Managing for Political CSR" (Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 53 No. 3). Co-edited with Andre Spicer, Andreas Georg Scherer, and Guido Palazzo. This Special Issue highlights the need to extend our understanding of the political role of corporations on three levels: First, with regard to new organizational forms which have emerged at the intersection of business, government, and civil society. Second, with regard to how intra-organizational processes affect firm's political role. Third, with regard to the individual level exploring the role of leadership models such as transformational or responsible leadership in the context of political CSR.
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“The Dynamics of Standardization” (Organization Studies, 2012, Vol. 33, No. 5-6). Co-edited with Nils Brunsson and David Seidl. This Special Issue looks at standards and standardization from different theoretical and empirical perspectives. The Special Issue is particularly explores the various dynamics underlying standardization: those involved in standards development, standards adoption, standards following, and standards enforcement. By focusing on the dynamic aspect of standards and standardization, we can look into the social interactions, political maneuvers, power relations, manipulative practices, and external pressures shaping standardization.
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"Environmental Sustainability and Business: Crisis or Opportunity?" (Business Ethics Quarterly, 2017, Vol. 27, No.2) Co-edited together with Dror Etzion, Doug Schuler, and Lisa Newton. This Special Issue looks at how environmental sustainability has shaped the field of ethics. The articles in the issue have a focus on the institutional work that is required to conduct "ethical" sustainability practices and the standards that are needed for implementation. Our introductory essay look at the link between sustainability and ethics - a connection that is neglected very often by scholars from different disciplines.
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”The UN Global Compact: Retrospect and Prospect” (Business & Society, 2012, Vol. 52, No.1 ) Co-edited together with Malcolm McIntosh and Sandra Waddock. This Special Issue looks at the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative, the UN Global Compact. The selected articles look at the history of the initiative, its operational impact (e.g., on investors and their collective action efforts), as well as selected issue areas addressed by the Global Compact (e.g., diversity). The underlying objective was to look back at the Global Compact after more than a decade (it was created in 2000) and to discuss its opportunities and problems.
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”Accountability in a Global Economy” (Business Ethics Quarterly, 2011, Vol. 21, No.1) Co-edited together with Dirk Ulrich Gilbert and Sandra Waddock. This Special Issue looks at corporate responsibility standards(e.g. the UN Global Compact, ISO 14001, SA8000 and the Global Reporting Initiative). The articles in this Special Issues discuss these standards from different theoretical and empirical perspectives. Most of the articles adopt a quite critical perspective demonstrating that these standards do not necessarily ensure organizational accountability and also, in some cases, lack accountability themselves.
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”Organizing Corporate Social Responsibility: Interactions Between Business and Society” (Journal of Business Ethics, 2013, Vol. 115, No. 4) Co-edited together with
Frank de Bakker and Jeremy Moon. This Special Issue looks at three interrelated questions: How can we understand the global spread and local adaptation of CSR? How can we understand the interactions of business and society on issues of CSR? What will be future trends in the interactions between business and society on CSR?